PDF: Meeting Cookbook

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Meeting Cookbook I discusses the role of the moderator and how to create effective meetings, and equips you with 30 simple, basic methods. With these under your belt, you’ll go a long way as a moderator and meeting leader.

Author: Erik Mattsson | Anna Jöborn
Translator: Kate Lambert
Design: Ola Carlson
Helena Bergendahl
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Meeting Cookbook – 80 meeting methods for:

  • managers looking for ideas for better meetings at work
  • project managers looking to make their project meetings more efficient
  • personnel managers wanting to improve the meetings culture in their organisation
  • teachers looking for new ways of stimulating learning clubs and societies wanting to get their members more involved in decision making
  • research and development staff eager to achieve creative meetings
  • anyone who just wants to know how to create meetings where people really communicate

The book is written by:

Erik Mattsson who has worked as a full-time lecturer, moderator and trainer since the mid-1990s. He has a Bachelor's Degree in political science with mathematics, history, physics and rhetoric under his belt too. Erik has chaired Swedish Red Cross Youth, taught rhetoric at Uppsala University and worked as an actor. He is also the founder and managing director of the company Ordrum AB.

Anna Jöborn who is a lecturer and research leader and has headed research and development projects in Sweden and abroad. She is a construction engineer with a PhD in micro biology, with a slight detour via the history of art and architecture and expertise on developing countries gained at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. Much of her work in recent years has focussed on sustainable development and creating effective communication and research processes.


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